WOD: 10-3-12

The family that CrossFits together…

Strength:  1RM Shoulder to Overhead (from the floor)

WOD:  For time:

30 Power Snatch (85/55)
100 Double Unders
30 Thrusters (85/55)
100 Double Unders

Two options as far as the Double Unders go:
1) As Rx
2) 20 Burpees and 100 singles for every set of 100 Double Unders


Thrusters again!!!!!!!!!!  Yes…

I enjoyed this workout a few weeks back and thought to myself: “Self, You should share this with others and let them enjoy too!”.  So when the programming was all set and done this workout was scheduled for a Monday.  The only problem with that was that that Tuesdays workout (which also has Thrusters…wink wink…figure it out) was scheduled.  So as to not ruin your experience for that Tuesday, I moved today’s WOD up by one week (please get the hint).  You are welcome.  In case you are not tired of the confusion (sorry for those last two days…it is all sorted out for the end of the month), please note that you will be repeating your 1RM attempt for the Shoulder to Overhead at the end of the month.

Please stay on top of that stretching, recovery, and mobility to ensure that you get the most out of the month.  I am hoping that with October’s programming and what remains to be had for the year, you will all have bionic legs and arms.

Sexy bionic legs and arms,




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